Long Earrings

Long Earrings

Long earrings may be all you need to accessorize your outfit.  This collection features earrings that are 2 1/2 inches or longer.

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Black, Gray Jasper and Coral Beaded Semi-Precious Earrings

Look classy as you enter the room with these semi-precious dangle earrings.  They contain black..


Fuchsia Marquise Dangle Earrings

These fuchsia magenta earrings consist of marquise-shaped mother-of-pearl beads that are accented wi..


Coral, Peach and Cream Earrings

These earrings contain faceted jade, Swarovski crystals and coral bamboo semi-precious beads.  ..


Green Dangle Earrings

Add a pop of color with these green dangle earrings. They consist of freshwater pearls, Swarovski cr..


Aqua Quartz and Sea Green Linked Earrings

Add a stylish touch to your outfit with these aqua and sea green earrings. They consist of fac..


Purple Earrings with Mother-of-pearl Ovals

If you have been looking for some stylish purple earrings to go with pieces in your wardrobe, ..


Brown and Champagne Earrings with Tiger Eye Beads

These earrings contain mother-of-pearl beads, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals and tiger eye ..


Coral Earrings with Marquise-Shaped Mother-of-Pearl Beads

These earrings feature marquise-shaped and rice-shaped mother-of-pearl beads that are accentuated ..


Coral Earrings with Mother-of-Pearl Ovals

These mother-of-pearl and coral bamboo semi-precious earrings are accented with Swarovski crystals..


Orange Mother-of-Pearl and Jade Earrings

If you are looking to add a vibrant colors to your jewelry collection, these earrings could be the r..


Orange and Gold Hammered Heart-Shaped Dangle Earrings

You can feel stylish with these vibrant orange jade and gold-plated hammered heart-shaped earr..


Cherry Quartz and Tiger Eye Earrings

These unique earrings contain cherry quartz beads, Swarovski cryrstals and faceted and smooth tiger ..


Red and Gray Earrings with Botswana Beads

These earrings contain Swarovski crystals, botswana and magnesite beads.  The entire length of ..


Red and Gray Earrings with Mother-of-Pearl Beads

Give a nice touch to your outfit with these red and gray earrings.  They consist of mother-of-p..


Red, Gray and Black Flower Earrings

These unique and stylish earrings feature carved red semi precious flower beads, Swarovski crystals,..