Men's Jewelry

Accent your look and show your sense of style with our collection of men's handmade beaded necklaces, bracelets and pendants.

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Beige, Metallic, and Brown Men's Bracelet

Wearing an assortment of men's beaded bracelets is part of today's trend in men's fashion.  Thi..


Cream, Beige, Brown, Teal & Aqua Men's Bracelet

Wearing multiple beaded bracelets is a popular trend in men's fashion.  Why not add this bracel..


Olive Green, Dark Brown and Burgundy Men's Bracelet

Beaded bracelets add that extra finishing touch to your outfit.  This 9-inch bracelet consists ..


Olive Green, Off White and Beige Men's Bracelet

Many of today's cool men's fashion looks include beaded bracelets.  They always add more swag t..


Purple, Gray and Aqua Men's Bracelet

Men's bracelets are becoming more and more popular accessories to complete an outfit.  This bra..


Red, Brown, Gray and Metallic Men's Bracelet

This 9-1/2 inch bracelet can be a nice addition to your collection of beaded bracelets to give your ..

$46.00 $32.20

Silvertone and Grey Metallic Men's Bracelet

This rugged-looking bracelet will add extra swag to your look.  It measures 7-3/4 inches with i..


Beige and Celery Green Men's Bracelet

This bracelet measures 8-1/4 inches with its clock-style toggle clasp, and it consists of semi-preci..


Blue and Beige Men's Bracelet

This bracelet is made up of sodalite and wood beads and measures 8 inches with its sturdy silvertone..

$48.00 $33.60

Botswana, Wood and Jade Men's Bracelet

We recommend adding this bracelet to your personal stash of jewelry pieces to give extra swag to you..


Ivory, Beige, Metallic Men's Bracelet

This 8-1/2 inch bracelet consists of wood, magnesite and hematite beads and it fastens with a clock ..


Orange, Cream, and Beige Men's Bracelet

This bracelet consists of carnelian, wood and red coral beads.  It fastens with a cool clock to..


Aqua, Beige, Ivory and Metallic Men's Bracelet

This men's bracelet consists of an assortment of beads like horn pipe, magnesite, wood, hematite and..


Beige and Blue Men's Bracelet

This bracelet measures 8-1/4 inches and is made up of twisted tube wood beads and splash of beige an..


Brown and Blue Men's Bracelet

This men's bracelet is 8-1/4 inches with its clock toggle clasp and has brown and blue wood beads an..

$38.00 $26.60