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Model: BTGR4022MB
Make a statement that reflects your unique personal style with this rugged men's beaded bracelet that measures 8-3/4 inches.  It is comprised of tourmaline, tiger eye and pyrite semi-precious stones and a dope clock toggle clasp...
Model: BGBP5112MB
This men's beaded bracelet measures 8-1/4 inches and consists of a mix of wood, pyrite, Botswana agate, shell, and quartz beads. Its trendy silvertone clock-shaped toggle clasp adds a touch of contemporary flair to its traditional beaded design...
Model: BGKH2043MB
This bracelet measures 8-1/4 inches with its trendy clock toggle clasp, and it features a captivating mix of lava rock, pyrite and wood beads.  ..
Model: OFGB4325MB
Exude confidence and style with this men's beaded bracelet that is made up of tree agate, jade, tiger eye and coconut shell beads.  It measures 7 inches and is finished off nicely with a silvertone clock toggle clasp...
Model: ATTB76767MB
Make a bold statement with this 8-3/4-inch men's beaded bracelet designed to complement any look.  This bracelet is handcrafted with magnesite and quartz beads and is finished off with a cool silvertone clock toggle clasp...
Model: BLGJ54019MB
Elevate your wrist game with this men's beaded bracelet crafted with tourmaline, hematite and bronzite semi-precious stones.  It measures 8 inches with its silvertone clock-shaped toggle clasp that adds a touch of contemporary flair to your everyday style...
Model: BBGM1127MB
This stylish men's accessory is made up of pyrite, shell, jasper and wood beads, and it measures 8-3/4 inches with its silvertone toggle clasp which is shaped like a clock which gives it a cool, modern touch.  ..
Model: BRGW1096MB
Make a statement with our handmade men's beaded bracelet designed to add a touch rugged elegance to your look.  It measures 7-3/4 inches with its stylish silvertone clock-shaped toggle clasp, and it combines the semi-precious stones magnesite, jasper and coconut shell beads...
Model: DBWG4030MB
Command attention with this handmade men's beaded bracelet consisting of blue chalcedony, aventurine, magnesite, shell and tiger eye beads that will add extra swag to your look.  It measures 8-1/2 inches and has a stylish toggle clasp shaped like a clock.  ..
Model: OFGB20235MB
Elevate your look with this men's beaded bracelet, which measures 8 inches and consists of wood beads and tiger eye beads and is finished off with a cool silvertone clock toggle clasp.  ..
Model: BBFG7056MB
This 8-inch bracelet is a versatile jewelry piece that is suitable for everyday casual wear or for dressy occasions, and it consists of a variety of beads, including tree agate, quartz, olive green tiger eye, wood beads, and golden hematite.  The bracelet is finished off with a trendy silverton..
Model: PGBG7399MB
Whether you want to dress up for a formal event or you want to wear a laid-back casual style, you can elevate your fashion game with this 8-½ inch men's beaded bracelet, which is meticulously crafted with a combination of earthtones and consists of gray pyrite beads, golden aqua quartz beads, beige ..
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