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Earrings are a great way to enhance your features and complete your look.  Choose from our many different unique styles lengths, sizes and colors.

Model: CP0420DE
Accent your outfit with these coral and peach earrings.  They consist of Swarovski crystals,  faceted mother-of-pearl and jade beads.  They hang on silver-plated earwires, and the entire length of the earrings is 2 3/4 inches...
Model: LG00452DE
These lime green earrings will be a great way to complement your favorite gold chain necklace, and add a nice pop of color to your entire look.  They consist of gold-filled components which are adorned with peridot beads, jade and green coral bamboo semi-precious beads.  The entire len..
Teal Turquoise and Aqua Earrings with Jasper Beads
Out Of Stock
Model: TM0032DE
These earrings will take your look to the next level. They contain Swarovski crystals, mother-of-pearl beads, faceted jade and jasper beads. They measure approximately 3 inches long with the silver-plated earwires...
Model: OT0047DE
Want to spruce up your outfit with these fancy teal and orange earrings. They consist of mother-of-pearl teardrop beads which are complemented with Swarovski crystals and faceted jade beads.  They measure 2 inches long, which include the silver-plated earwires they hang on...
Model: YGB072E
Enjoy wearing these yellow and green dangle earrings that feature a faceted jade briolette-shaped bead accented with peridot-colored quartz beads and faceted round jade bead.  They hang on silver-plated earwires, and the entire length of the earrings is  2 inches...
Model: EBD0028E
These earth tone dangle earrings can go with a variety of outfits.  They feature smooth mother-of-pearl briolette beads, faceted golden brown jade beads, Swarovski crystals and cats eye beads.  They hang on silver-plated earwires, and the entire length of the earrings are 2 1/4 inches...
Model: GRY5032E
Feel special in these green and yellow cluster earrings that feature faceted briolette beads which are wrapped with gold-plated wire. They also consist of  Swarovski crystals and assorted faceted jade beads.  The entire length of the earrings, including the gold-plated earwires is 1 7/8 in..
Blue Beaded Dangle Earrings
Out Of Stock
Model: B7603DE
Treat yourself to these blue dangle earrings. They contain mother-of-pearl beads, faceted jade and Swarovski crystals. They hang on silver-plated earwires, and the entire length of the earrings is approximately 2 inches. ..
Model: BJA903DE
Think of all the outfits in your wardrobe these earthtone earrings can go with. They consist of Swarovski crystals, jade and botswana agate beads.  They hang on silver-plated lobster clasp, and the full length of the earrings is 2 1/8 inches...
Model: MCC072SSE
Glam your outfit up with these colorful assorted crystal cluster earrings that hang on sterling silver chain. They measure 1 7/8 inches, which include the sterling silver earwires they are hang from...
Model: TE30225E
Highlight your outfit with these earrings. They consist of Swarovski crystals faceted and smooth tiger eye beads, as well as faceted agate beads.   They measure 2 3/8 inches starting from the top of the gold-plated earwires...
Model: ABSC402BE
Add extra sparkle with these aqua and sapphire earrings. They feature a briolette Swarovski crystal bead that is wrapped in non-tarnish silver-plated wire that is complemented with bicone and round-shaped Swarovski crystals.  They measure approximately 2 1/4 inches...
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