Men's Jewelry

Accent your look and show your sense of style with our collection of men's handmade beaded necklaces, bracelets and pendants.

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Men's Grey, Black and Greyish Purple Beaded Necklace

This 20-inch necklace consists of round and barrel wood beads and zebra jasper beads, as well as, ..


Black and Grey Men's Necklace

This necklace measures approximately 19 inches with its silvertone clock toggle clasp, and it cons..


Off White, Beige and Khaki Men's Beaded Necklaces

This necklace measures 20 inches with its silverton clock toggle clasp, and it consists of magnesite..


Off-White Men's Necklace with Botswana Agate

This necklace measures 20 1/2 inches with its toggle clasp, and it is made up of bone hare pipe , ..


Beige, Dark Brown and Tan Men's Beaded Necklace

Men's beaded necklaces are becoming more and more popular to wear. Why not add this cool necklace ..


Brown, Beige and Khaki Men's Pendant with Magnesite Rectangle

This pendant hangs 2 inches from its silvertone bail and consists of magnesite and wood beads...


Men's Black Leather Cord Necklace with Botswana Agate Pendant

This leather cord necklace features a Botswana pendant and it measures 18 inches with its goldtone l..


Oval Agate Men's Pendant

This pendant consists of agate, shell and wood beads.  From the top of its silvertone bail, it ..


White Leather Cord Men's Necklace with Wood Beads & Rectangle Shell Pendant

This necklace measures 24 inches with its silvertone clock toggle clasp, and consists of assorted ..


Blue, Grey, Off-White and Blue Sodalite and Magnesite Men's Pendant

From the top of its silvertone bail, this pendant hangs 1-1/2 inches and consists of semi-precious s..