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Host an Online Jewelry Party

Host an AngieShel Designs’ online jewelry party and earn free jewelry!

You won't have to worry about the time it will take to clean up before or after your party, having a lot of people in your home, or having refreshments available for them. You and your guests can shop from the comfort of your own homes at a time that is convenient. 


How it works:

Email us on our “Contact Us” page letting us know that you would like to host an online jewelry party and the dates you want the party to run. (The party can run up to 7 days,) or click here to fill out and submit our request a party form.


We will e-mail you an invitation, which you can either print out or email to your guests.  The invitation will include the dates of your party, a link to our website and a special 15%-off coupon code for you and your guests to type in the “Use Coupon Code” box at checkout. This code can be used repeatedly for your party.  Using this code will not only identify your guests, but it will ensure that you will receive credit for their purchases. 


All participants can shop online any day or time for the duration of the party. You will receive 15% of the total party sales generated during your party, which will be e-mailed to you as an AngieShel Designs’ Gift Voucher in a dollar amount for you to use towards a purchase on our website or a custom design.  In other words, if the total sales from your guests add up to $300.00, you will receive an AngieShel Designs' Gift Voucher in the amount of $45.00 to use on our website.  There is no limit to the amount of people you can invite.  The more your guests purchase from our website during your online jewelry party, the higher the amount will be on your voucher to get free jewelry.  

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