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Model: CRR1035230BKM
The beads in this bookmark are so pretty, and depending on the way that the light hits it, you can see various stunning color tones.  It is made up of jade, crystal and abalone beads...
Model: OLIV945290BKM
This beaded bookmark is comprised of gorgeous olive jade beads and olive green crystals, and it comes in handy when you have to wait to finish reading your book at another time.  Plus, it will look so lovely hanging from your book...
Model: RDTD124312BKM
Save your page with this beaded bookmark, which is composed of mother-of-pearl, red coral and crystal beads and will look so pretty dangling from your book...
Model: RDCH461638BKM
Need some new bookmarks?  This beaded bookmark will look so pretty dangling from your book as it keeps your page in your book ready for the next time you are able to relax and enjoy reading the rest of it.  It is composed of rhodochrosite, cherry quartz and crystal beads...
Model: SMQZ539435BMK
Need a new unique bookmark to save your spot in your book?  How about this one?  It consists of gorgeous smoky quartz, jade and crystal beads...
Model: TRQ201058BKM
This turquoise beaded bookmark nicely decorates your book while at the same time saving your place.  It is made with crystals and various semi-precious stones such as jade, agate and apatite...
Model: BLWT3032020BKM
This beaded bookmark is made up of very lovely mother-of-pearl coin-shaped beads and jasper and onyx beads, and comes in handy when you want to mark your page in your book or daily planner...
Model: ORNG203205BKM
This beaded bookmark will look so lovely hanging from your book as it saves your page for the next time you can sit down, relax and read the rest of your good book.  It is made up of mother-of-pearl, carnelian, calcite and crystal beads...
Model: BLK112894BKM
Have a daily planner book and constantly need to save your page so that you can easily refer back to it?  Well, here's a bookmark that will help with that.  This one consists of beautiful black onyx semi-precious stones...
Model: BRN101607BKM
If you like to read a good book regularly, it's always nice to have a good bookmark to save your place.  This one is comprised of jade, agate, mother-of-pearl and crystal beads...
Model: DKP11018BKM
Looking for a bookmark with beautiful beads to decoratively mark your spot in your book that you still have to finish reading?  Well, what about this one?  It is made up of beautiful faceted jade beads...
Model: DPFP700015BKM
Are you an avid book reader?  Then, you most likely love to have a nice collection of bookmarks for your books.  This one consists of the semi-precious gemstones such as jade and jasper, as well as crystals...
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