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Model: BWG94113BKM
Looking for nice gifts to give to book lovers or school students?  Why not get them beaded bookmarks?  This bookmark consists of crystal, jasper and mother-of-pearl beads...
Model: FCA939293BKM
Colorful beaded bookmarks save your place in your favorite book and make you smile at the same time.  This one is made up of mother-of-pearl, agate, jade and crystal beads...
Model: RHCT100514BKM
This colorful bookmark is perfect for saving your place in your book you started reading but never finished, and it is comprised of crystals and semi-precious stones such as rhodochrosite and cherry quartz...
Model: PNK114827BKM
Need a new bookmark to hold your place in your book so you can easily get back to reading the rest of it when you are ready?  This handy bookmark is comprised of jade, mother-of-pearl and crystals...
Model: BLKG11239BKM
Whether you have a nice collection of books to read at home during your leisure time or you have several books for different classes in school, bookmarks certainly come in handy.  This beaded bookmark is made up of crystals and jasper, jade and black onyx beads...
Model: LDB81413BKM
Do you love to read books and have cute bookmarks to go with them? How about this one?  This bookmark consists of jade and crystal beads that will look so pretty dangling from your book until you are ready to continue reading it...
Model: LDT11481BKM
Bookmarks certainly come in handy when you cannot continue reading your book in one sitting.  This bookmark is comprised of crystals, a lovely mother-of-pearl donut bead and other semi-precious stones including agate and jade...
Model: BGLH5528BKM
If you love to relax and read a good book, this bookmark is perfect for saving your place when you cannot finish reading it in one sitting.  This bookmark is made up of lava beads, gray slate beads and hematite beads..
Model: BGCN61511BKM
Do you love to read and need a cool bookmark?  Well, this one is for you.  It consists of pyrite, shell and hematite beads.  ..
Model: NBPW2531BKM
It is always relaxing to enjoy a little quiet time by sitting down and reading a good book, but it is also just as nice to have a cute bookmark to save your place for the next time you are able to continue reading.  This bookmark consists of mother-of-pearl and jade beads...
Model: OGREW215BKM
This bookmark consists of crystal and jade beads and will beautifully save your place in your book you have been enjoying for the next time you are able to sit down, relax and continue reading your enjoyable book.  ..
Model: YLW11141BKM
Do you book lovers heart pretty bookmarks for your collection of books?  Here's a perfect one for you.  This yellow beaded bookmark consists of mother-of-pearl, jade, and crystals...
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