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Model: LDOR54242BKM
Looking for the perfect gift for a book lover, school teacher or student?  This beaded bookmark is one of the many handmade beaded bookmarks on our website.  This particular one is made up of crystals, mother-of-pearl beads and other semi-precious stones, such as carnelian and orange calci..
Model: BNYL105414BKM
Can't finish reading your book?  Well, this bookmark will come in handy to mark the page you left off on.  Plus, it will look lovely dangling from your book.  This bookmark consists of jade beads, mother-of-pearl and crystals...
Model: OFGR10223BKM
Not only is it enjoyable to read a good book, but it is great to have a nice bookmark to save your spot when you have to wait to read the rest of it another time.  This bookmark consists of mother-of-pearl and olive jade beads...
Model: OGCR47367BKM
This multi-colored beaded bookmark is made up of crystals, jade and mother-of-pearl beads.  It will look pretty dangling from your book as it helps you to easily find your place so that you can finish enjoying your quiet reading time when you are ready...
Model: PLPK11401BKM
Want to jazz up your collection of bookmarks to go with your collection of books?  This beaded bookmark may be the perfect one for you.  It is comprised of lovely pink beads, including conch shell, rose quartz and jade...
Model: PRPL111647BKM
Don't you just love to have a cute bookmark to use in your book when you have to stop reading so that you can pick up where you left off when you are ready?  Here's one.  This purple bookmark consists of various faceted jade beads and a mother-of-pearl rectangle bead...
Model: PRPJ120815BKM
Book lovers often enjoy having nice bookmarks to use to keep their books ready for the next time they are able to relax and finish reading their enjoyable book.  This bookmark consists of an assortment of faceted jade beads with its cool zigzag hook.  ..
Model: RDQZ115814BKM
This beaded bookmark is great for book lovers who like to collect pretty bookmarks to go with their book collections.  This one is made up of semi-precious stones, including quartz, as well as crystals...
Model: WHT151124BKM
Don't you just love having a cute bookmark to use when you have to stop in the middle of reading your favorite book?  Look no further.  Here is one that is made up of lovely, sparkly crystals and mother-of-pearl and jade beads.  ..
Model: AQQZ8425BKM
Having your favorite book to read and a pretty little bookmark to go with it helps you stay on track with where you left off.  This bookmark is made up of lovely quartz and crystal beads...
Model: BGC8282BKM
If you love to read books, you know how much bookmarks come in handy.  Save your place with this beaded bookmark consisting of crystal, jade, jasper and mother-of-pearl beads..
Model: BLK85838BMK
Don't you just love to have a pretty bookmark to use in your book to keep it ready for the next time you can sit down and enjoy reading the rest of it?  This bookmark is comprised of various faceted black onyx beads.  ..
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